Archery Park for Northfield

September 24th, 2007 by Peter Schmelzer

Sketch for the Archery Park On 11 September 2007, I helped the Cannon River Sportsmen’s Club present to the Park Board a preliminary plan for an Archery Range at Lashbrook Park. The Park Board supports the idea, sharing my belief that this will add a richness to Northfield’s park system.

Archery is a very safe sport, about on par with bowling for injuries. It can be enjoyed by everyone from children to senior citizens. As an avid archer, I have taught my children to shoot bows and have marveled at the sense of confidence and achievement it has brought them. Watching the Cub Scouts learn to shoot has offered the same reward.

And, the sport is quiet, requires little equipment, and the park will be funded 100% by the Cannon River Sportsmen.

By the way, the Sportsmen have already donated all the equipment used in the Archery-in-the-Schools program (a couple of years ago, if I am not mistaken.) It seems that the proposal to build the archery range is a continuation of their community service. Our design work was donated as a sign of our support.

The plan is to have at least one neighborhood meeting and discuss the park and the features necessary to make a safe and enjoyable place for bow and arrows. Check with the City of Northfield for the details on the meeting. And, support the Cannon River Sportsmen as they support the City of Northfield.

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