An April Shower

March 19th, 2010 by Mary Schmelzer

Shower being tiled

Above is a custom shower that will see its first moisture in April. The homeowners opted to have a large custom shower in the master bath instead of a tub and separate shower or shower/tub combination. We are seeing this as a trend. If you aren’t a bath person, why not put the space and cost into a shower you love?

Several things are unique about this one: it has two seats, it is built at an angle and the whole front is glass. The front being glass makes the whole bathroom feel larger because it allows your eyes to stretch beyond the front and into the depths of the shower itself. The bathroom isn’t huge, so gaining visual space makes it feel more grand.

We are working closely with the tile installer as he places the unique patterning of the tile. The tile isn’t high-end, but the angles, the decorative band and the peaked niche really set it off. This is part of our “construction administration” service: working closely with the craftspeople to make sure it all works out on site and address any questions or concerns as the project is being installed. Every little corner can’t be anticipated, and often two heads are better than one–thinking out a good solution for tricky areas.

You may be thinking, why is it red? That is the waterproofing substance under the tile. We work very hard in designing and specifying products for the shower that will keep it from leaking. Our installers understand their trade and what makes for a waterproof project. Once the tile is in, it becomes very costly to remedy a leaky shower, not to mention the damage it can cause. Do not skimp here: expensive tile isn’t what keeps the water in; it’s the materials and labor that get covered up. It is worth having the up-front work done well.

Check back for upcoming photos of the whole bathroom as it comes to completion. This shower is part of a master suite remodel with many nice features for its owners: lighted ceiling, custom cabinetry and separate dressing rooms. Let us know if we can help you update your bathroom or provide you a master suite.

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