Ahead of the Game: City teams with Architects

May 16th, 2006 by Peter Schmelzer

The city of St. Louis Park, MN, is ahead of the game: They are encouraging their citizens to hire architects to remodel their homes, with cash.

That’s right. In conjunction with the American Institute of Architects, the city is subsidizing architectural consulations. For $25, homeowners can receive a $250 consultation with an architect.

Recognizing that many residents may want to build an addition to meet the needs of growing families, the City of St. Louis Park is underwriting much of the cost of a consultation with an architect. A consultation with an architect can help ensure that your new addition fits seamlessly with the style of your existing home and is compatible with your neighborhood.

What a great idea: improving your town one house at a time!

What will the results be, as I look in my crystal ball….

The neighborhoods will increase in charm and character. Homes will become more liveable and attractive. Property values will climb, encouraging more investment in the area. St. Louis Park will slowly become more popular with small families, single people, and retirees who want traditional neighborhood living and quick access to Minneapolis. Mass transit will improve due to the limited size of existing garages and yards. The community will become more pedestrian friendly. Neighborhood organizations will flourish. St. Louis Park will become one of the hot places to be in the Twin Cities.

Perhaps Northfield (and your home town) could take some cues from St. Louis Park, and maybe even go a step further. Remodelings are important, but what about new homes? Can the quality of our new subdivisions benefit from architectural advice?

Oh, yes.

So, check out the link above, and call your local councilperson today!

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