A Roof Over Our Heads…Sort Of

November 18th, 2007 by Mary Schmelzer

Roof is framed

Now we have the start of a roof. The construction crew set the small trusses earlier with a lull (lift) and then the large end wall trusses and the tall trusses through the center went on with a crane. The crane was on site for only a few hours, and did its job quite quickly. The remaining trusses will go on with man power and the lull. Because some of the trusses were too large to ship assembled, some carpentry happened before the crane lifted them into place.

Roof framing from the mudroom entry

With this view you begin to get a sense of how the roof is a hip from all four sides and then it has a long gable set atop. It is hard to envision until it will actually be shingled. Everyone is holding his/her breath for good weather. It will be good to have it protected from the weather.
Running around in the new second floor

Saturday we all climbed the ladder to our new bedroom floor. You can get a sense for how large the windows will be from the opening. We had a good time pointing out where the new walls dividing bedrooms, closets and the new bathrooms will be. The large storage attic will be great! We can store out-of-season clothing, Christmas decorations, memorabilia, etc. without having to squirrel around the knee-wall height closets we had previously.

Which reminds me: we had a funny squirrel running around the attic framing this morning. He checked it all out, then raced around the scaffolding on the outside of the second floor walls. He looked like he was lost at the mall and couldn’t find his way back out. Squirrels in the attic weren’t so funny about this time last year….we’re going to love that new roof!

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