A Disservice to the House

September 18th, 2008 by Mary Schmelzer

I found this interesting article in my e-mail this morning. The premise is that one bright side to the burst of the housing bubble is it has changed people’s thoughts about housing as investments.

During the boom, many people were investing in their homes to get a quick turnaround increase on their investment. Fast sales or the ability to tap the equity in the house turned the home into the equivalent of a promising stock…which led homeowners into making their properties into showpieces that would net sums well above their initial investments and current asking prices.

I invite you to read the whole article, but I think the closing line says it best,”The rule for a house is like the rule for a bottle of wine: If you love it, that’s what matters most, and therein lies its real worth.”

We’ve always believed the home should be somewhere you love, whether it is a showpiece or not. When you think of improving your home, think of what you will enjoy for a long time, not what will get you top billing in a real estate brochure.

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