Our Process

In architectural parlance, the first steps of a design process are called Programming, Schematic Design and Design Development.

But, quite simply, we start each collaboration with a back-and-forth dialogue.

We begin by listening to your needs and wants, gathering vital information that’ll help us generate ideas on the best ways to fulfill them. We explore possibilities, render them for you in clear, compelling drawings, and present them back to you for feedback. Each time you respond, we adjust or create new solutions, repeating the cycle as often as necessary to hone in on the right solutions.

Starting with broad strokes, we work—with you—to add details, fleshing out the right design.

In the next stage of the process—Construction Documentation—we transform the design idea into blueprints, instructions for building. We create technical drawings, write specifications and fill in the details that will make the general solutions of phase one concrete reality. During this time of intense design work we continue to meet with you, to maintain continuity of collaboration and understanding.

Construction is where and when the ideals of planning meet the ragged edge of reality. As your representative, we’re here to protect the intent of the design we worked so thoughtfully to create with you, from managing contracts through project completion. Construction can, at times, be an uncertain world of substitutions, material availability, cost control ideas, and unforeseen conditions. Working with you and your contractor, we will help guide your project to completion on time, on budget, and true to your vision.