Our goal is to enhance life, and this goal permeates all that we do.
Since design for the built environment consists of both process and product, we pay careful attention to both.


Life is short, so we strive to make the design process interactive, understandable, and enjoyable with colorful sketches, virtual tours, humor, and straight-forward language. We pledge to treat you with respect, openness and honesty from start to finish, suppressing our egos when necessary for the good of the project. In short, we want your time with us to be productive, pleasant, and rewarding.


We believe buildings are tools for living, servants of their inhabitants. As such they should look good, function well, and hold up through time. In addition, we acknowledge the impact our designs have on the larger contexts of environment and community.

Well-designed buildings enhance the world around them in addition to serving their owners well. Efficient buildings reduce resource consumption and minimize waste while providing better indoor air quality, improved comfort, and better value.

In the business world, these translate to increased productivity, higher worker satisfaction, decreased absenteeism, and higher profitability. In education, studies have proved that sustainable design boosts students test scores. The evidence is undeniable: buildings that are good for the environment are good for you, too, physically, aesthetically, and financially.

Buildings also impact their communities through their appearance, stature, and materiality. They can fit in, stand out, or rebel against their neighbors. As designers, we will apply our sensitivity to these issues to your project, to help achieve the proper design for you and your neighborhood.